Parisa Fouladi

Wales has always been my home. I was born here, raised here, and I wake up proud of being Welsh. I attended a Welsh school, I can speak the most beautiful language fluently and I incorporate all of this richness in my music. You may have seen me perform at one of several Eisteddfods or on Cân i Gymru. 

However, there's always been a large part of me that feels as though I've left my Iranian side behind. It has never been my intention, of course; it simply wasn't engrained in me the same way as being Welsh was. For years, I've yearned to know more about my Iranian background. I've had bits fed to me by my father but not enough for me to fully understand the language and culture. It's a regret I'm determined to reverse.

In recent years, I'm discovering more and more about Iran, and I'm completely hooked. It's become a healthy addiction. I'm so pleased to try and bring it into my music. I hadn't met many Iranians when I was a child but when I do now, I get so excited. They have so many wonderful stories which inspires my creativity. What I notice in both people from Wales and Iran is a sense of warmth and openness and I'd like to think I see this in myself. Seeing these similarities, I now 'get it'. It all makes sense, and feels right.

A fusion of Welsh and Iranian music is something I'm looking to do more of and I think it'll do my family proud too. They're always so supportive of what I do. I also look forward to visiting Iran one day, and showcase my music there. I feel my journey is only just at the beginning and people are getting more interested in what I've got to perform. My dream is that one day, performing on stage will be my main job, and I'll have the rich Welsh and Iranian history and traditional music to thank.


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