What links Iran and Wales? Here, we highlight some familiar faces, their adventures in Iran or Wales and its significance in the identity of either country. In addition, we share big talking points that have split the Cymranian community. Got a story that you think would be perfect for here? Email john-price@hotmail.co.uk.

Names are in surname order:

Emanuel Bowen: Royal map-maker's vision of 18th Century Persia

Eliot Crawshay-Williams: travelling 'Across Persia' in 1903

PH Emerson: and the Welsh fairytale about Persian settlers

Sir William Jones: Founder of Persian Studies 

Aadel Kardooni: on his rugby career and Welsh links

Omar Khayyam: in Welsh 

John Toshack: and his brief spell in Iran 

Terry Yorath: on Wales v Iran and Middle Eastern football

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