The ultimate Cymranian celebration: 25 November


Press release - for immediate release

I’m delighted to announce the ultimate Cymranian celebration, when Wales take on Iran at the FIFA World Cup on Friday 25 November. The two rich cultures are set to come together at the iconic Norwegian Church, Cardiff Bay.

It’s going to be an open event like no other in Wales during this World Cup. The venue will broadcast the match (kick off, 10am), shortly followed by music performances, talks, poetry and food (provided by Taste of Persia). Those confirmed so far are:

  • Cymranian singer, Parisa Fouladi will be performing her latest tracks.
  • 'Poetry Corner' - Wales and Iran have the finest poets, Neda Arshadi and Aeronwy Withers will recite the best loved. Withers will also be reciting her own poetry.
  • Our keynote speaker will be publicist and Welsh History and Culture Ambassador, Nellie Williams, on Wales's influence in the world - with a Cymranian twist.

More names and surprises will be confirmed in due course. Stay tuned on websites including Gwyl Cymru and Wales Week Worldwide.

Gareth Lloyd Roberts, General Manager of the Norwegian Church, says: "We're honoured and thrilled to be hosting the Cymranian celebrations, where the meeting of two cultures in battle on the field and in friendship off the field, will amount to what looks to be a truly wonderful occasion. There's a warm welcome to all to come and join us."


Press release written by organiser of the event, and proud Cymranian founder, John Price (Welsh father, Iranian mother).

“To be honest, when I first heard Wales and Iran were to be drawn in the same group, I was absolutely dreading it. It delighted my brother. It was my least favourable outcome. It’s bad enough that I want both sides to go really far; for either to potentially knock each other out – and be in the same group as England – a large part of me really wishes this draw could be re-done.

Then I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to put my PR skills to some use. Instead of sulking and spend that morning hiding behind my sofa, I thought why not make the most of this unique global occasion? I launched Cymranian in the summer of 2020 to bring Wales and Iran together. And the intention was always to bring this community I’m building together, especially after the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted. This event needs me as much as I need it. I really hope we can use this event to celebrate both cultures, avoid politics for just one day, and embrace the true potential of a Global Wales.”

Contact: John Price ( on 07968 476241.

FUNDING UPDATE - 11 November 2022

I'm delighted to say that this celebration has received funding from Arts Council of Wales.

WHAT'S ON THE MENU? - 14 November 2022 update

I'm so pleased that Taste of Persia will be at this Cymranian celebration. To whet your appetite, here's what's on offer (prices will vary):

Breakfast, from 8.30am to kick off: 
  • Kaleh Pache
  • Halim, with or without meat 
    • Both served with naan bread. 
Lunch, post match from 12noon: 
  • Polo Shirazi (Lamb Biryani) 
  • Fesenjoon (Pomegranate chicken & walnut served with saffron rice) 
  • Falafel wraps or salad box for Vegans
GRAB YOUR MERCH - 22 November 2022 update

From 8am, I'm thrilled to say that Gavyn Macer will be coming with his impressive array of merchandise; ranging from scarves to the infamous bucket hats. Face painting will also be on offer, so get down here early!


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